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RO filter cartridge

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RO filter cartridge


RO filter cartridge

Product name RO reverse osmosis membrane filter
Product model XZH-10-RO
Replacement cycle 24months
Dimension of external package 55*29*35cm
Quantity 40pcs
Product dimension L280*Φ68mm
Function of the product: With filtration accuracy of 0.0001 micron (0.1 nm), it can effectively remove fine impurities, salt, organic matter, bad minerals, heavy metals, viruses, bacteria and other harmful substances in the water, so that the filtered water can meet the requirements of direct drinking


Items Technical requirements
Max working pressure 0.86MPa
Working Pressure 0.1~0.55MPa
Applicable water temperature 4-38℃
Hydraulic cycle test 0-1.05MPa, 100,000 times, no leakage at the shell and welding joint.
Bursting pressure ≥3.2MPa (integral filter, including internal filter material)
Sealability 1.2MPa water pressure, 5 minutes, no leakage at the shell and welding joint.
Requirements on sanitation and safety Comply with the "Specifications for the Safety Evaluation of Drinking Water Distribution Equipment and Protective Materials" (2001)


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