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Water purification butler , filter replacement is not timely, carefully plant big hidden dangers!

Water purification butler , filter replacement is not timely, carefully plant big hidden dangers!

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With people's pursuit of healthy life, water purifiers are increasingly becoming a necessary choice for many families, but water purifiers must be maintained regularly in order to better achieve a healthy and comfortable life.

Among them, the filter element as the "heart" of the water purifier, is one of the core components of the water purifier. A common set of filterelements consists mainly of the following illustration.

What are the hidden dangers of not replacing the filter element in time?

01 Waste more costs

Filter sin at all levels of their respective duties, step-by-step filtration. If the previous level of over-service, it will weaken the filtering effect, thereby increasing the burden of the latter level, resulting in the reverse osmosis filter membrane life shortened, originally wanted to save money, the result may need to spend more money to make up.

02 Affects the effect of use, damage machine life

If the filter element is not replaced in time, the pollutants attached to the filter element will accumulate more and more, in the long run, the filter is easy to be blocked, the water flow will gradually become smaller, thus affecting the use of the effect, but also damage the life of the machine.

03 Breeding bacteria, harmful to health

Long-term non-replacement filter splendour will also be because of adsorption of a large number of organic matter, become a breeding ground for bacteria, resulting in filtered water, may be more unsafe than direct drinking tap water, thereby endangering the health of the family.

Do you know the service life of the filter element?

PP cotton filter:

Life cycle: 3-6 months.

Role: PP cotton is mainly to remove sediment in the water, rust and other large particles of impurities.

UDF particle activated carbon filter:

Life cycle: 9-12 months.

Role: Pre-activated carbon filter is mainly used to adsorption of water color, odor, residual chlorine and so on.

RO reverse osmosis membrane filter:

Life cycle: 2-3 years.

Action: Remove strains, viruses, heavy metal ions, organic compounds and inorganic salts from water.

Ultrafiltration membrane filter element:

Life cycle: 2-3 years.

Role: Removal of bacteria, colloids, sediments, rust, algae, colloids, as well as polymer organic matter, viruses, etc.

Taste factor filter:

Life cycle: 1 year.

Effect: can improve the taste, so that the water is delicious.

Filter sinators at all levels perform their duties, through a combination of methods, step-by-step filtration of pollutants in the water, in order to achieve the purification of water quality, to provide healthy drinking water programs. But filters at all levels have a life cycle, if not replaced in time, even a health threat.

How can I tell if the filter element needs to be replaced?

At present, most of the water purifiers in Franny come with their own filter intelligent reminder function, you can change the filter in a timely manner according to the reminder. If the water purifier in your home does not have a filter replacement reminder function, you can determine whether you need to replace it by "one taste, two".

A look at the amount of water

Water purifier water flow becomes smaller, excluding the municipal tap water pressure becomes smaller reasons, that means that the water purifier filter may be blocked, need to replace as soon as possible;

Two tastes

The taste of water and tap water is similar, chlorine taste is still retained in the water, indicating that the filter should be changed;

Three look at the time

Water purifier normal use for more than two years, if not changed filter, then the filter should be replaced in time.