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Reverse osmosis water purifier purified water should not be long-term drinking? Is it true?

Reverse osmosis water purifier purified water should not be long-term drinking? Is it true?

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Now people are paying more and more attention to health, no matter what you buy will question whether it is good for health, for fear of any negative effects. In recent years, reverse osmosis water purifier satoofullment water purifier popular, but there are some people on the water purifier purification out of the water has doubts, think that water purifiers all the water, including minerals and so on all filter out, long-term drinking such water is harmful to the body!

We need to understand these facts first.

1. Water is the carrier of nutrients in the human body

It is said that people are made of water, because water in the human body accounted for 60%-70%, in human cells and blood even accounted for 90%. The liver and cells use water to deliver the nutrients they need, while removing toxin waste from the body. Therefore, water in the body mainly plays a role in maintaining cell morphology, increasing metabolism and transporting substances, and does not play a role in supplementing nutrition.

2. The human body cannot directly absorb inorganic matter

Water belongs to inorganic objects, and the human body can not directly absorb inorganic matter. In nature, only plants can absorb inorganic things from the outside world to create their own needs of the material, and animals, humans need to be inorganic matter into organic matter, before they can absorb and use it.

3. Food is the main source of nutrition for the human body

Ninety-nine 99% of the nutrients and minerals that maintain human health come from grains such as wheat corn, vegetables and fruits, eggs and milk. The calcium content of a cup of milk is about 1,200 glasses of water, the iron content of a kilo of beef is about 8,300 glasses of water, and the vitamin content of a cup of orange juice is about equal to the content of 3,200 glasses of water. Thus, drinking more water is not as good as a cup of milk is really, want to supplement nutrition, relying on food rather than water, because people can supplement the nutrition from the water is really very small.

Therefore, those who think that "water purifier filterout beneficial to the body of trace elements, no nutrition, long-term drinking is not conducive to good health" view is a rumor, not credible, we should learn to treat rationally.

Reverse osmosis water purifier as the best water purification effect at the moment, effectively filter out the bacteria impurities in the water, to protect our drinking water health, to our health is beneficial and harmless. After all, purified tap water is healthier and cleaner than contaminated tap water, which avoids the risks that many water pollutions may pose to human health.

Health no small matter, in order to protect the family drinking water health, choose a reliable water purifier is very important! Good quality, good service, good reputation, good purification effect, is the real good products, in order to let users rest assured to use!