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Four drinking water purification mistakes, have you been recruited?

Four drinking water purification mistakes, have you been recruited?

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Social development is changing day by day, the quality of life is constantly improving, and health is getting more and more attention. Most people from the old era of eating and wearing warm, into a new era of special emphasis on quality and quality. Water, as the source of life, is closely related to the operation of various tissues of the body. Failure to fill the body with appropriate amounts of hydration in a timely manner may lead to health abnormalities and even life-threatening.

It has previously been reported that 20 per cent of the planet's population does not have access to clean drinking water, nearly 50 per cent of humans drink poor water quality, and 80 per cent of the world's diseases and 30 per cent of mortality are related to poor water quality. Despite the concerns about drinking water health issues, in everyday life, people are prone to the following misconceptions:

Myth 1: Water clean water in water works

Tap water must have met the national water quality department testing standards, but the water through the old municipal pipe network and residential water tower, arrived at home has been "scarred." Plus, more than 80% of the water from the household pipe is stationary, and toxic heavy metals such as rust will be deposited in the iron pipe.

Iron pipe long-term immersion in tap water, gradually produce rust, these rust can not be dissolved in the water, can not be discharged from the pipe outside, can only adhere to the pipe wall, accumulated over time, not only pollution of tap water, but also corrosion of the iron pipe. Plus most of the households are currently using ppr plastic tube, humid environment coupled with photosynthesis, pipe wall is easy to produce bacteria algae impurities, and water flow is in a static state, but also easy to hoard water scale.

Myth 2: Burning Water Health

Elders from an early age to teach us that "drinking water must boil to drink, or the stomach will grow insects." But you know, the water was just a bit of a bacterial contamination. As long as the water boils can kill the bacteria in the water, will not cause diarrhea, this is the basic principle of drinking boiling water.

Now tap water has not only bacteria, but also may also exceed the standard of heavy metals, scale and chemicals. And boiling water can not "kill" heavy metals, nitrites, organic pollutants and other harmful substances. It is believed that "tap water can kill bacteria and viruses in the water, drinking boiled tap water is healthy." "The idea is a great misunderstanding!"

Myth 3: Bottled water hygiene and convenience

Now some manufacturers in order to save costs, purifying water quality is also more and more simple, resulting in water quality is not qualified. Individual manufacturers only use stockings on the tap, and then the tap water directly into the bucket, the cost of this water does not exceed 3 yuan, but to our hands to 8-10 yuan.

At the same time, water is active, and some families run out of buckets of water a week or two. But bottled water generally open2-3 days after drinking, otherwise easy to bring into the air bacteria breeding, resulting in bacteria in the water over the standard! And the current quality problems of bottled water frequent, bottled water secondary pollution problem is serious, in addition, the cleaning of the water dispenser is not timely, but also very easy to lead to bacterial micro-organisms breeding.

Myth 4: Household water pipes don't have to be cleaned

Many older generations may say that daily washing, cooking, bathing, using so many years, never washing water pipes, also do not appear in any bad condition. But that was before! There were not so many factories and no pollution of the water. But with the rapid development of the economy, ecology has been changing, slowly because of artificial pollution, ecological pollution, etc. , water quality is getting worse and worse.

And the water pipe after years of use, gradually deposited a layer of dirt blocking the pipe, these dirt from dirty water. On the one hand, the resulting rust will form rust water, increase the heavy metal content in tap water, on the other hand, the pipe wall is not clean, become a breeding ground for all kinds of microorganisms in the water, leading to bacteria and viruses and other harmful substances, long-term drinking or use is not conducive to health, may lead to skin diseases, kidney stones and other diseases, especially weak resistance groups, Such as children, the elderly and pregnant women.

Times are changing, many things are changing, and some old ideas are no longer applicable to the present. In today's water pollution has become a fact, only the use of technical means to improve water quality, and water purifiers are the current preferred.

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